Thursday, August 29, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I'm back with a vengeance this week!! 

1. I love pub runs! Our local Fleet Feet has weekly Tuesday runs @ 6pm and at the end of the month they host a pub run. It seems every one of them this summer has been ridiculously humid and warm so when we get back to the bar we are all one sweaty mess. I love hanging out and socializing afterwards and replenishing our carbs.
Heat makes me delirious and I cannot take pics!!
2. It's amazing that I can run 19 miles and walk perfectly normal the next day, but spend a mere hour pulling weeds followed by not being able to walk like a human being. The areas around our garage and deck were starting to look like a weed forest so I decided to tackle it with one of my days off this week. This 'small' pile is now drying out to be burned in the near future. 

3. I was so, so excited to get invited to the Packers preseason game on Friday night, I did not even care that I had a half marathon to wake up for the next morning. I probably would have gotten 5-6 hours had I stayed home and tried to sleep anyways. I was bummed A Rodg (as I call him) didn't get to play more than one series but I still had fun and get to sit in the new section of the stadium. First time in forever that I've gone to a game outside of December!
La la la la Lambeau!!!

Is it bad that half marathons don't really seem like that far to me anymore? When did these become casual races??

Hope you all are having a fabulous week and enjoy the holiday weekend!

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  1. yay for football season coming back! my son is so into football this year!


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