Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Have you ever been bit by the cleaning bug? Well it finally got me and I'm glad it did!! My house really has been a disaster, so bad that I've been having anxiety over cleaning and would find any reason to get out of the house so I wouldn't even have to see it. I seriously felt like the pregnant ladies in their nesting period.

Over the course of the past week I have managed to deep clean and organize just about everything in the house, including going through our fridge and getting rid of old condiments. I just have one room left and most of it is my husband's so I'm trying to be patient and let him take care of his own stuff. If I was at home and not working I was busting my hump doing something towards progress. My husband kept asking if I was ever gonna sit down!! My niece is the cutest mess ever :)

It is amazing how much energy that has freed up from my mind towards other projects. I love having that negative energy far away and I just need to keep it that way! I think I need to come up with a weekly/bi-weekly checklist to stay consistent as I forget about it otherwise. Has anyone gone through this before? I am not the neatest person in the world and I seem to go through cycles. I let everything go until it gets bad enough that I'm disgusted enough to clean it, or I am expecting guests. I need to break out of this habit!

Are you a clean freak or a messaholic like me?

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