Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary just a few days ago. I cannot believe the year has flown by so quickly, we have faced our share of challenges over the 6 years we have been together and this past year was no different. It has reinforced our love for one another. This is one of my favorite shots of the day, we had just gotten married and were walking back down the aisle with Vito.

I celebrated by running a half marathon in the morning (recap coming), one portion was on a trail and it brought me back to the shakeout 3 miler I got to run with my cousin before all the beautification for the day began.

We are so exciting that all we did was go out to dinner, after celebrating our nuptials in the only way possible :) The following night we had our free anniversary night in the hotel we got married in and we ended up with the same exact room. Since it was Sunday night we basically had the place to ourselves, we enjoyed playing around in the pool and sat in the hot tub for awhile. The hotel is only a mile from our house so we just decided we would stay at home in our bed and allowed another deserving couple to use the room for a little getaway after we met up with them for dinner.

We haven't exactly taken a real honeymoon or anniversary trip yet and I want to plan something for this winter. Anyone have any recommendations on where to go? We would like to go someplace warm to have a short escape from the cold.


  1. That pic is gorgeous! Love it! And Happy Anniversary to you both. :)

    We are keeping ours low key as well, we're going to go back to Grand Rapids where we got married and have dinner at the place that catered our reception.

    Winter trips = Florida (to me) Hit the Gulf side for beautiful beaches and clear waters. Sarasota/Clearwater is gorgeous and affordable.

    1. Thanks! Will keep Florida in our minds :)


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