Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Breaking Out

Lately I have been making a push towards living more in the moment, enjoying the days as they come and go. I am working to grow personal relationships and really build the connections we have. I am constantly trying to learn from others, which has been a real drive for me lately. I feel that every person has something to offer, even though we sometimes don't always agree with everything they do in life. After hearing and reading experiences of others I feel like my life has been a bit sheltered.

My family never took any long vacations too far away from home, as in 2-3 hours or less of a drive away. I've never flown in an airplane, never seen the ocean, never seen a mountain.....well this list could get a little out of hand if I keep going. So my intentions lately are focusing on ways I can expand my horizons.

I tend to over think and reflect on items too much. I'm starting to release fears and learn to just live in the moment; enjoy who I am and those around me. I'm focusing more on others and really trying to reach out and give to others. I used to be more open, but a few people hurt me badly during my high school days that closed the doors for me. I refused to put myself out there and take chances, thereby sticking with the 'safe' route all of my life.

All that has taught me is you will end up where you always expected you would be. Keeping everything in doesn't allow others to help you and it's OK to accept help. Opening up to others allows them to understand why you are the person you are and for them to help you achieve your wildest dreams. While this seems obvious it's taken me forever to understand the concept. I have finally started to put my faith in others and it's released so much stress from me. I learned to accept that I can only do so much and that is enough, I don't have to be superwoman and do everything on my own.

It's taken so much for me to even put this down but I'm happy it's out there. Have you ever gone through phases where you closed yourself out from the world? After awhile you kinda forget what it's like to not be that way and I'm slowly gaining confidence and pride in myself along the journey. And I have running to thank for getting me started on this journey. Triathlons have helped me conquer more fears than I cared to admit but I love it!


  1. This was a great post Lish, thank you for opening up to us. Hugs. :)

  2. It can be hard to break out, especially if you are very used to and comfortable with your shell. My husband gets cranky with me because I like mine so much :/ Great post!


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