Thursday, November 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday: I'm still here!

I have been keeping things on the down low lately and hibernating in my shell. I have been feeling very introspective lately and really analyzing myself. So here is what's been going on:

1. I have been attending a weekly boot camp class since mid September, my strength over the last two months have greatly improved and I'm not sore anymore for several days following class. That is major props in my books! We just hit our 4th week out of the 8 week class, and I'm getting sad that it is almost over again. But that means celebrating and going out at the end of it. The first group of survivors with the two most amazing trainers!

2. I have run several races, it's kept me going after the marathon. I have just been running around wherever and whenever I feel like it following no plan.  The most race fun race was a 50 mile relay race with my cousin , his wife and several of their friends. We ended up with 9 people over two teams and I unexpectedly ended up running 3 legs instead of 2 due to a runner dropping out. Relay races sure are a relay good time!

3. I still need to learn how to fall properly. I managed to scrape up my knee and bruise the other one last week on 11-12-13. It only managed a small hole in my running pants and my gloves suffered a rip in the disaster.

Is it bad I'm waiting for ice so I can just slide again?

Happy Thursday!! Only 1 week until Turkey Day.


  1. Great job on getting stronger! Relay races are pretty much the bees knees in my books. So much fun!

  2. Tuck and Roll. I think we all stopped in our tracks at the sound of your fall. It sounded painful completely.

  3. I hate slipping on the ice though - oh my groin!!!!

    I hope your knee is feeling better!

    1. I was thinking "Oh my groin" too at the thought of snow/ice and slipping!


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