Sunday, March 2, 2014

Back with a Vengeance

Hey random few people who actually read my blog, I am finally back!! I took some time away to try something new. I was in a rut and couldn't get myself out.

Well, I have dug out of it and now I am back with a purpose. I hope to inspire more people to take up some level in fitness in their lives and share some personal struggles I face and hope you can help me out in the process too! I am getting more involved with local clubs in my area and would like to extend this into my blog.

I did not take it easy with racing during my time away but my training did falter slightly as I began to focus more on strength. I was becoming a cardio junkie and it just wasn't benefiting me anymore. I used to enjoy lifting in middle school and high school, and an opportunity for a Bootcamp class arose that I could not pass up! I have also starting lifting in the gym again, it's such a nice change of pace. My arms and shoulders are shaping up nicely!

Here is a short recap of the races I completed since I faded away.

Fremont Triathlon: July 2013
Swim Time: 6:00 220yd (this includes T1 time)
Bike Time: 39:00 11.2 miles (this included T2 time)
Run Time: 19:00 2 miles
Overall Time: 1:08:07

I completed this race with my dad, he came out and watched me finish last year and said "I could do this!". I held him to his word and signed him up for it. Now he is a convert and wants to keep doing it!! I also managed to shave off about 5 minutes from my time last year, which I consider amazing for the short distance this covers.

Oshkosh Olympic Triathlon: August 2013
Swim Time: 35:00 0.75 miles
Bike Time: 1:52:00 30.5 miles
Run Time: 1:04:00 6.2 miles
Overall Time: 3:37:32

I was scared to death of this race all summer!! The biggest thing for me was to get through the swim, and then not kill my legs on the bike. The distance was all new to me, and I managed to add more to the swim because I cannot swim straight. I can in a pool but apparently in open water I drift to the left, doesn't help since all the buoys are on the right so I had no clue until I popped up and saw nobody around. I was one of the last ones out of the water, so it was time to pass some peeps on the bike.

Since the sprint distance race was also going on at the same, I passed a ton of people.....until they split off. Then I only managed to pass about two or three more people along the way. I got to experience my first aid station on a bike, and let me tell you that was terrifying! I braked but still felt like I came in hot, I ditched a crappy old water bottle and snagged a new one. I really forgot I was in a race at times since a good portion of this I was by my lonesome and would occasionally spot someone ahead.

I was feeling good when I started the run, but quickly realized I would have to take a walk/run mentality to it since it was starting to get hot and we were on open blacktop county roads. I encouraged the faster runners in to the finish and trotted along. I finally reached the halfway point and realized at this point there were less than a dozen people behind me. I didn't really care I was one of the last people to finish because I had such a great time out there. I pushed it hard coming into the finish chute and I once again amazed myself. They were beginning tear down when I got done, but since they limited everyone to two beers there was still some left for me and they were trying to get rid of the extra they had, more for me!!!

Fox Cities Marathon: September 2013
Overall Time: 4:42:34 (pace 10:47)

The day started off beautifully around 40 degrees and we began into the sun, all you could see ahead of you was the steam of everyone's breath. Sarah, Matt, Rachel and I all started together and wanted to keep an easy pace around 10:00 minute miles for as long as we could. I lasted until shortly after the halfway point (2:10:33) when I started to feel a little dizzy.

Best photo finish ever!!!!
As soon as I stopped, the plantar fascitis I was battling flared in my left foot so bad! I gutted through the next few miles and found a zone. Around mile 22 I was feeling so ready to be done, I had thought about quitting so many times but trudged forward. I came upon a guy struggling more than me and I found out he was part of the Fleet Feet training group. My former pacer self kicked right in. I instantly wanted to help this man finish his first marathon and I pledged to him I would get him there! That was all I needed and suddenly I forgot about all my pain and we ran most of the next 3 miles. Under a mile he told me to go ahead and I told him to stay strong and I would see him at the finish. I still managed to get a PR by 8 minutes! I was SO freakin' happy to cross that finish line!!

St. Joe's 5K: October 2013
Overall Time: 28:05 (9:03 pace)

This race has the same course as my first ever 5k (that I ran/walked) several years ago. It was nice to think back at how much I struggled to run on that day, when I had only planned to walk it and was just starting my running adventures. Always fun to have an out and back course when racing with friends!

Turkey Trot: November 2013
Overall Time: 48:44

We got snow the night before and the road conditions meant this was no day to get a PR, one of the first cooler weather runs of the year and of course I overdressed! Peeled off layers and had no gloves or hat and my coat was unzipped going into the finish. I donated my pie, grabbed a bagel chunk and some water and then headed home to get showered and ready to stuff my face with good food and hang out with the extended family.

Icebreaker Indoor Half Marathon 2014
Overall Time: 2:14:53 (10:18 pace)

This was definitely a cool location, it is held at the Pettit Center in Milwaukee. It is the place to train for Speedskating for the US team and others around the world. It was amazing to watch how they fly around the track. I really enjoyed being able to run with Rachel the entire time. Neither of us had any goals going into the race other than to keep a decent pace. We kept each other going when one of us felt like walking, and we managed to run the whole thing and even sprint a little into the finish!

The volunteers for this race were AMAZING, there was a water/Gatorade table where you could leave your bottles and request it one lap before you wanted it. It was also nice to see several of my faster runner friends pass by several times throughout the race and cheer when they had finished. The race is capped due to limited space but this was definitely a fun race I will think about doing in the future.

I hope ya'll haven't missed me too much! I look forward to catching up on all the blogs I stalk.

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