Monday, March 24, 2014

Moving On

 The last week and a half have been very difficult for me, I lost one of my best friends. The timing was also very difficult for me. Wednesday evening I returned home from the TRI 101 meeting that the Fox Cities Triathlon puts on each year to help get more people comfortable with tackling a triathlon. I was in a great mood as the meeting went well and I really felt we helped put people at ease. It all started right as I went to bed, and Vito began to throw up and had a seizure. He just wasn't coming out of it and began to throw up more and more and eventually everything was emptied out of him. He finally seemed to be doing better and began breathing normally and it finally seemed like he was going to sleep around 3am.

My husband and I both slept on the couches in our living room by him and when we woke up he was no longer with us. We lost it and I just couldn't believe it, my boy was 9 years old and it just happened to soon. I had to pull myself together as I was flying out at 10:40 am that morning for a weekend away. I felt so horrible leaving everything for my husband to deal with and also having to leave him completely alone now. 

 It was really rough on me that day and I just burst out crying several times. I got sick on my second flight of the day probably due to the fact I had barely eaten or drank anything all day and barely slept but I am glad we were by his side. It was really hard to come home to an empty house and him not there to greet me when the door opened. 

Relaxing after a long day swimming at the cottage
Our Ring Bearer!
We miss you buddy!

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  1. I'm sorry Lish :( I hope things are feeling a little better now that some time has passed.


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