Saturday, January 14, 2012

PEP Talk to My Arse

After seeing the sports medicine doctor and the physical therapist, I finally know what is wrong with me! I know, it's a lot and will take years to discover.....

BUT the physical issue is my Left Gluteus Medius (aka my left butt)!! Due to my lack of strength in my ass it's causing my shin splints in my inner leg due to it not absorbing the impact when striking with my left foot.

So it's on to my training plan, which i am dubbing "BUNS OF STEEL". I will not my lazy ass win!!
Here is the plan:
3 types of leg raises working the hips - to be completed 3 times a week (2 sets of each)
Stretching: Calf and Quad stretches -  2X a day (hold for 20 sec. each)

I will need to occupy my time at the gym now with swimming and biking and I'm thinking about getting a Jillian workout DVD to work on my overall strength to keep that up as well.

I will come back stronger from all of this in March and looking forward to getting back into racing and smashing some of my PR's.


  1. so sorry to hear about your injury struggles as well. but it is sometimes such a relief to have an answer! jillian workout dvds are the BEST. they kick my butt but in a good way of course :) you will definitely be rockin some PRs this year! woo hoo!

  2. You'll be back stronger than ever... I feel some new PRs this year! :)


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