Monday, April 9, 2012

April W1 Training Recap

I thought I would share this with everyone as I got a kick out of this. On my email from daily mile for my training recap it said:

Hey Alicia, Gnarly training last week!

Seriously have not seen or heard the word gnarly used for awhile, but it made me giggle. I had an awesome training week and thought that I would recap it since this is the most distance I've done probably...EVER!!

Mon: Biked 6.75 miles, dog walk 1 mile
Tue: Jelly Bean 5K race in 27:47
Wed: Rest
Thur: Rest
Fri: 2 mile treadmill run & 1.25 mile walking followed by 550 m swimming (400m freestyle, 150m drills)
Sat: 10 mile bike followed immediately by 4.14 mile run (tested out my new Garmin)
Sun: Rest

I had 1 more rest day in the schedule than planned but it felt good to reach 29 miles in only 1 week. I'm not following any actual triathlon training prep in getting myself ready for a sprint triathlon so if anyone knows of one please let me know.

So for this week I'm hoping to really only get 1 rest day....maybe 2 and ramp up the mileage even more. Running 3 days, biking 2 days and swim 2 days, core work and overall fitness. It sounds like alot but I can do this since I will have less distractions this week.

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  1. And you had the "gnarly" workout week with 3 rest days... That is awesome!

    You might want to check out for a training plan. The basic membership is free and it comes with a couple of training plans. I also really liked their forum... No question about triathlon stay unanswered. That the site that I have been logging my workouts from day 1! ;-)


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