Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scatterbrain Sunday

Ok, so this is more like a list of random things going through my head today and a little ranting that I wanted to share.

  • Gotta love the Wisco weather for the next few days...looked at the weather prediction and we have thunderstorms in store tonight; it was about 70 and humid today, tomorrow evening possible SNOW showers!! Ugh, seriously....I really thought we were in the clear on this one, I know we usually get a snow in April but was not expecting it. We will see how tomorrow's scheduled run ends up as it looks to be a cold & wet one.
  • Sucked it up and went to the gym for a sweaty 10 mile bike (which turned into 12 because I was rocking it with my time) and 800 meter swim. I really am starting to feel so much more comfortable in the water and did 100 meters and then took a quick rest break and started again. First 400 were all freestyle and the next 300 I mixed in a few breaststoke laps and ended with 50 kicking drills and 50 arm drills. Felt good and realized that when I did 5 strokes instead of 3 before breathing I actually calmed myself down and was breathing more consistently and felt less gassed at the end...who would of thought breathing less would make it easier when I've always stuggled with breathing and 3 strokes felt like an eternity!
  • I think I may have a stalker at the gym. Everytime I go there this really annoying chick is there and always happens to be in the locker room when I am or in the same area as me. Today she was in the pool by me and did about 6 laps and sat in the whirlpool until shortly after I was done. And to top it all off, she is super annoying. She has to talk to everybody (or to herself) at ALL TIMES, she was even doing it between her few laps that she actually did in the pool and trying to talk to me in the whirlpool, good thing I really couldn't hear a thing she was saying due the jets and I did not look at her the entire time!
  • Pool etiquette is seriously lacking at my gym. I was super annoyed today and started to forget to push my lap button between intervals so my distance got screwed up. As I was waiting for a lane I sat in the whirlpool and this family walks in with their 2 young boys and just starts going into the pool (which is a very small lap pool w/ 3 lanes) while all laps are being used. This was also after the "Family Hours" time at the pool was over so they really should not have even been in there with them. They just hopped right in and took over one lane while me and annoying chick mentioned abover were waiting for a lane. I realize the kids probably did not want to wait but at least ask first. So during my entire swim I had to listen to 2 loud boys yelling in the pool that I could not even hear myself think.
  • I was craving a salad...wait say that one again....I was craving a salad on my way home and picked up the missing ingredients I needed after the gym. I've never in my life craved a salad but it tasted delicious and I plan on having one every day this week! I really don't know what has gotten into me.
  • Why do I keep procrastinating designing my wedding invitations? Every weekend I tell myself I will figure it out, but just find other things to fill my time instead. I have the style I want to do, just need to figure out the easiest way to cut the paper and correct size paper to order. I need to mail out invitations in about 2 months so I really need to get my butt in gear. Hopefully during the week I will actually attempt to do this and get it checked off the list.
Am I really going crazy or are these things truly normal? Feel like someone put something in my water over here.

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