Monday, July 9, 2012

IT Band Issues

For the past 2 weeks my IT Band has been killing me! I cannot get in a single run without it hurting almost the entire time and I'm feeling frustrated. I have been cutting my runs back as much as I can but it's not helping much. I am hoping to eliminate this pain soon so I can enjoy a run again! It feels like it has been so long already. I have another Sprint Triathlon on tap in 2 weeks and was planning on a Half Marathon in mid-September, but if this pain does not go away that Half Marathon may disappear off my race plan. I have not signed up for it yet and the price doesn't go up until July 31st so I've got about 3 weeks to get this thing fixed!

I will admit the following actions have probably not helped me out and likely caused this issue to pop up again:
  1. I have not been strength training on a regular basis
  2. I have been forgetting to stretch before and after runs
  3. I have been lacking on the foam rolling after runs
  4. I needed new shoes..really bad! Finally bought some on Saturday and can't believe the difference in feel.
So it's time for my to get my butt in gear, literally! Since this is again another weakness in my left glute and thankfully I know what to do since I got alot of exercises from the PT when I had my shin splint issue and caused me to forego my marathon trianing this winter.

Was there anything that really helped you with your IT Band that did not coincide with going to see a chiropractor or therapist?

I will try anything at this point but hoping to avoid taking a hit against my health insurance since I have an HRA account and will just end up costing me out of pocket at this point.

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  1. I hope it gets feeling better soon! There's nothing worse than being MENTALLY ready, but not PHYSICALLY.



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