Monday, July 23, 2012

Marathon Training Recap - Week 1

Welcome to my new Monday installment!!
I am excited to be marathon training, there are only 12 more weeks to go :) So here is what "THE ALMIGHTY PLAN" called for. In case your wondering I'm using Hal Higdon's novice 2 program less some of the weeks and modified around my race schedule.

M: Strength - Completed 30 minutes of circuit training from Jillian Michaels NMTZ

T: 3 mile run - I skipped this workout due to my boob scare, ladies please feel your ta-ta's regularly!! Turns out I just have a benign cyst that will go away in 2-3 months.

W: 6 mile pace - I did a track workout instead doing 6 x 800m splits with 400m recovery with a 400m warmup & cooldown jog for 5 miles overall

T: 3 mile run - I was going to do a 10 mile bike followed by a 3 mile run and was really excited to do it since the weather was finally cool, but had the opportunity to catch a Rattlers game and Jonathon Lucroy (catcher from the Brewers) was doing a rehab start so I couldn't say no. Chalk up another skipped workout for me!

F: Rest - I hopped in the pool for 300yds quick before my brother & sister-in-laws wedding reception out at a local bar but had to call it somewhat early (ended up leaving at 11) to get my but in bed so I can get up nice and early for the race.

S: Fremont Triathlon (1/8 m swim, 11.2 m bike, 2 m run) - **Recap to come soon** I will let you in a secret though...I finished!!

S: 11 mile run - Started about 8pm with Sarah and we ran through downtown Neenah & Menasha. It's definitely a classic night run when you run through the park with only a mile to go and some guys start making animal noises at you. Like I really believe there are monkey's living in WI!!

Overall, it was a good week other than skipping 2 workouts but I am ok with that since I had a loaded weekend. I am really going to try hard to get my runs in the morning otherwise it's run at 8 (provided nothing comes up that night) or in the heat of the evening at 6.

Vacation starts on Friday and I cannot wait...I will have no excuse for missing any workouts and looking forward to de-stressing from work

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  1. Haha..don't forget the blow horn, me screaming Aubri out of no where, confusing drivers and the smell of shit that we can't seem to escape, thanks to lake Winnebago! My chafing looks like a really bad shave job on my pit. Haha


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