Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Race Recap: Fremont Sprint Triathlon

This past Saturday was my second triathlon of the summer, only 3 weeks from my first one. When I was originally looking for races I wanted to both this and the Winneconne one and both were close to home (30 minutes away). The price was right and I decided to go for it, I figured this way if my first wasn't enjoyable then maybe the second would be and this race was benefitting my local YMCA.

I didn't want to make my mind up on the sport with only 1,race, as I have experienced with running races that each have their own quirks and some just flat out suck.

I arrived at the race about 6:45am, which was earlier than I was expecting to get there but that just meant I could relax now and take my time observing and figuring out the course. I got into the transition area and picked my spray painted square in the grass. Since there was no line I went over and got my packet, markered up and my timing chip. I went straight back to transition to get the rest of my things laid out and talked with my fellow competitors. Since I didn't have my personal race photographer this time you will just have to deal with the few I got before and after.

I ran into my triathlete buddy from the last race, I met her during the TRI 101 class I went to and she was originally only planning on doing this race and she ended up signing up for the Winneconne one too. I headed back to the car to eat my banana, drink some fluids and try to calm myself a little. Do I look nervous to you?

You are finally treated to a pic with my hair down!!

Ok, so I knew in my head I could do this but I was really hoping to improve and push myself more in this race. I walked down to check out the swim area and noted the run back into transition was almost a quarter mile and I had to run through sand, grass, mats over gravel and asphalt all barefoot. Really hoping I wouldn't step on a sharp rock and scream like a little girl!

This was a VERY beginner friendly race for swimmers. They had noodles that you could use during the swim, floatation belts and you could even wear a life jacket. There were lifeguards stationed every 20 meters with a pile of noodles to ready to throw you if needed.

SWIM: 1/8 mile 7:11
In looking at this it really looked closer to the distance I did for the last one which was double this so I really think this was more like 1/6 mile. I was in wave 5, out of 12, this time so I got to watch people. The first ones were out of the water before I got started but it was awesome cheering them on! I did ok in this considering I got rid of my gym membership and my swims have been very few and far between.

Transition 1  4:51
I didn't step on any sharp rocks and was able to find my transition spot with ease. Got my feet cleaned off and dried before putting the shoes & socks on and off I went on the bike!

BIKE - 11.2 miles  42.04
I got off to a good start and I was actually passing people this time. But by mile 2 my happiness started to fade and I felt like my legs were cramping up a little. Seriously need to figure this out for next year why it happens. I was not going to eat my Peanut Butter GU until mile 5 but I decided at mile 3 that it was going down then. Thankfully I did because at mile 5.5 there was a decent sized hill and that would have really sucked. The only issue after that was the one road that was covered with little tiny gravel so for about 3/4 of a mile I tried not to eat it with my road bike and get some really sexy looking road rash.

Transition 2  0:46
I did not almost fall getting off my bike this time so that was a plus, but I did almost plow over a runner coming out of the same row I happened to be starting to go down with my bike in tow. Pretty easy as I just parked the bike and took off.

Run - 2 miles 18:09
I was smiling coming out of the gate because I had no leg pain and I was still feeling pretty good. Well then reality smacked me in the face about a quarter mile in and I had to stop and walk. My legs were feeling crampy again and my breathing sucked so I walked and drank some water and gatorade. At that point I started to run again and just put one foot in front of the other and slowly started passing people. Once I hit the turnaround I knew I could run the rest out and continued to pass a few people along the way and encouraging everyone behind me! Totally kept my mind off my tiredness at this point. I picked up the pace for the last quarter mile and sprinted it in to the finish with a SMILE on my face!!

Overall finishing time: 1:12:58
Place:  Overall 150/293  F 52/153   AG 11/29

Ok, so here was the bling that we all got for finishing, and may I also say that the shirt is the freakin' coolest. Totally love the color and we all got swim caps too.

Honestly, this race was the best experience I've ever had in an event (aside from running through Lambeau Field because nothing can honestly top that). This was such a beginner and family friendly race. There were so many non-super athletic people out there and parents running with their kid. The race also fell on the same weekend as a big triathlon in our area so that wiped away all the major competitors. Don't get me wrong I like the competition, which there still was in this, but it was just a great atmosphere.

Not too shabby after just completing a tri! Can you tell I love that color??

I am definitely coming back to this race next year and I think I have already convinced 2 other people to do it with me!! Anyone else up for a super friendly


  1. I think I would even attempt that tri, i would be the one using some sort of floatation device to swim!

    Great job on another triathlon! I love the shirt color too, and nice medal!

  2. I love that they had noodles for the swimmers! That is awesome. I would so be using one since you know how well I swim...

    Congrats on another great race! I am so impressed with you tackling these tri's. Keep you the awesome work.

    See you Friday!!!

  3. Great job Lish! Wish I would've been there to cheer you on!


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