Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Roller coaster week

This week I have been riding the roller coaster of life. I think I have just about gone through every emotion so far and it's only Wednesday!!

Sunday - It was disgustingly hot here so Sarah and I did our 10 mile run at night, we started about 8:20 and got back a little after 10 but we were both still completely covered in sweat thanks to the humidity. It felt to get in that long a run with my IT Band only slightly hurting miles 4 - 7 and moderately hurting from 7-10. I was so happy. I really wanted to run and jump onto a slip-n-slide cause I probably would have flown right down that thing with how sweaty I was.

Monday - This was a rest day according to my marathon training program but I decided I have to get back into doing strength on a regular basis, so I think this will now be strength day. The only rest day of the week will be left for Friday now but I'm ok with that as 30 minutes a strength just flies right by and is definitely needed.

Tuesday - I was feeling up my tata's on Monday and noticed a bump, I let it be and felt it again and was there again today. Let the freaking out party begin!!
OMG - there is a huge lump on my left breast
I just had my annual last week Wednesday...where the heck did this come from
What do I do to get an appointment scheduled
Desperate to get in soon...Yeah, I got in today

So I get to the doctor and let her feel me up and sure enough she says it's something to look into. They will schedule me for a mammogram and ultrasound as soon as they can. Get a call from her nurse and they have an opening tomorrow at 10am...I will take it.

I proceeded to pound 3 beers after work last night in hopes of slightly taking my mind off it for the night and maybe get some sleep.

Today - Did not want to crawl out of bed today as I was dreading this appointment. I knew I would finally find out what was going on with me but I was scared it was going to be bad...really bad. I love my pessimistic brain somedays..NOT! Finally dragged my butt out of bed and made it to the appointment without breaking down yet although my body sure cleared it's system out. I got to have 2 more people feel me up and they only ended up doing the ultrasound as they could tell from that it was a benign cyst and should clear itself up in 2 - 3 months and if things got worse I would have to come back in.

I was complimented by the radialogist of my large muscles as I had a small layer a fat followed by a huge chunk of muscle. And I was their youngest patient of the day so that means I win a prize, right? Well I guess I feel completely LUCKY walking out of there with no further tests to go through and knowing I do not have to endure anything more for the time being.

I almost feel like walking around and asking people...Hey, you wanna feel my lump? Cause what's another set of hands feeling me up at this point.

So here is to hoping the rest of the week is looking up for me, lots of training on tap the next 2 nights, getting my hair dyed, my brother's wedding reception and a triathlon Saturday morning. Oh yeah, and then maybe try to run 11 miles on Sunday. I just need to push through this craziness!


  1. First thing First...I am so glad that it's nothing to worry about! I had a scare like this back in 2005. They never knew what mine was though. They could tell from the US that it wasn't a cyst but it didn't look suspicious to them so they just let it be. I was never able to feel it though, my doctor at my annual found it for me.

    Secondly, hilarious that I just had that "Damn Autocorrect" moment with you!! It was meant to be...Haha!

  2. Holy crap girl! I am SO glad everything is ok! I would freak the eff out if I found something like that. You definitely deserved as many beers as was needed.

    Sending you a big virtual hug and positive vibes!


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