Sunday, August 5, 2012

Race Recap: Seymour Bun Run 5K

Seymour, WI is the home of the Hamburger (at least according to the WI government) so this weekend was Hamburger Days. Yesterday morning was the Bun Run 5K and I was able to run it with my dad.

Looking at the weather forecast there was a high of 92 for the day and it was looking to be mostly sunny, fitting for the Sweat your Thorns off 5K Virtual Race this would also fulfill. I had never run this race before so I was not familiar with what the course would be like and just took it on the fly. I have done some speedwork with my marathon training but it contained walking breaks so I really didn't know what to expect when attempting to do 3 fast miles.

It is a very small race as there were only 273 people registered for the race and it meant there was very little fighting through people and you were able to settle into a pace quickly. I pushed the pace somewhat but tried to settle into a comfortable fast pace. I was getting tired and my watch beeped for the mile point, I looked at my watch to see i just ran an 8:36 first mile....CRAP!!!

That was too fast as I should have been at 9 so I stopped to walk for 0.07 miles at that point to let myself recover a bit. I started to run again but I felt my pace was too fast and had to stop again around 1.7 miles for another quick recovery and walked for about 0.10 miles.

I tried to start running slower this time and we rounded the final bend around mile 2 for a long straightaway back to the finish. I didn't want to hold myself back and just tried to run by feel and was really starting to pass people. I just kept focusing on who was ahead of me and passing them. I stopped counting at one point because I got past 10 and couldn't think that fast while focusing on staying consistent.

I finished with a time of 28:14, just 9 seconds off my PR time from 3 months ago and I am happy with that since it was warmer for this race and just being consistent. I am disappointed I had to stop and walk and hopefully I can learn to pace myself a little better in the future.

My time was good for 5th in my age group (20-29) and it just makes me want to work on my speed more to mix in with Marathon training. Hopefully I get another opportunity to do another 5K this year and it should be a cooler race so maybe I can get that PR yet.

Div Overall
Place Place No. Name             Age    Time
5     135   450 ALICIA KONS      29   28:14

For this race you had the option of choosing the standard cotton t-shirt or for $5 more you got technical shorts, here is what I chose:

What have you done to help rejuvenate your legs during marathon training?

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  1. I would have chose the shorts too! Cute! Learning to pace for a race can be a little hard, but is so helpful! I am finally getting it down for 10ks, I think.. Great job on your 5k and 5th in your age group!


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