Friday, August 31, 2012

Have I gone distance crazy??

I took a peak at my upcoming race schedule, and it doesn't look very easy. I'm not sure why I decided to do all of this, well yes I do. I enjoy pushing myself to see how much I can pack into a day and I apparently have taking a liking to distance races. Here is what is on tap, starting with the first race tomorrow.....TOMORROW, GULP!

9/1/12  Justiceworks Just Run Half Marathon
9/23/12  Fox Cities Half Marathon
10/13/12 Whistlestop Marathon (My First Marathon!)
11/3/12 Tyranena Beer Run Half Marathon (aka 1/2 Barrel Run)

All i can say is that I can thank Sarah for deciding we should do the Half Marathon merely 3 weeks after running our first Marathon. I'm only partially crazy for going along with her brilliant idea!

I have only run one 1/2 marathon and that was in May of 2011(Green Bay Half Marathon in only 45 mph winds) and I now have 3 on my schedule over the next 2 months and 1 marathon. I am a little nervous of making it through all of these races since it's been so long since I have done a distance race thanks to my injury at the beginning of this year. I do feel like I am a much stronger runner and more mentally prepared than I ever have been.

I am hoping to be able to beat my 1/2 marathon PR in the race tomorrow since the Fox Cities will be only 1 week after my 20 mile long run for the marathon and I'm expecting to have tired, dead legs. I am going into this as a training run but I would like to be able to keep a decent pace and try to push myself some. It was a step back week on my training plan so 13 was on my schedule and just officially signed up for this race yesterday. Wasn't sure if I would feel like doing it but feeling a little lack of motivation so a race should help with that.

So here is to enjoying my last day of vacation from work post-wedding with some errands and getting in some rest. The wakeup alarm at 4am tomorrow is not going to be my friend!! Have I mentioned I am not a morning person at all and sleeping in on vacation this week will surely not help my cause.


  1. I wish I could do the half with you...unfortunately I work tonight and tomorrow night and Mike's working all weekend too so it's just not going to happen for me. About the other races? We got this. I don't expect much out of Fox Cities either. Of course I don't want to embarrass myself either though.

  2. You have gone distance crazy! Half marathons are such a great distance though. Good luck getting a PR! I can't wait to see how it all goes for you. I did my first marathon this year too.


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