Monday, August 6, 2012

Marathon Training Recap - Week 2 & 3

So I skipped out on everyone last week, I was too busy relaxing on vacation. Yes, it is extremely hard work!

Here are my last 2 weeks of marathon training (which is official as I have signed up and the hotel is booked)

Week 2
M: Strength - Did about 20 mims of Jillian Michales NMTZ circuits

T: 4 m run - cut this down to 3 due to some tired legs and getting late

W: 7 m pace - skipped due to lightning and storms ( I don't have a treadmill or gym membership)

T: 4 m run - completed 7 m pace run instead from Wed & felt wonderful. This is the first run I truly felt like a RUNNER!!

F: Rest - If you consider packing and upacking rest, then that is what I did. Glad to be on vacation time :)

S: 12 m run - Woke up and Kim, Rachel & Matt were getting ready to head out for their 16 miles and I got in a hilly 12 miler. Took walk breaks at 1.5 miles and worked out great! Enjoyed the scenery and the views of the Chain O'Lakes in Waupaca

S: Cross - Fulfilled with some beer drinking and relaxing...LOL. Wanted to get in a bike ride but it just didn't happen.

Week 3
M: Strength - did a 900 meter swim with Kim most of the way across Rainbow Lake and back.

T: 4 m run - tried to do 1 mile warmup followed with 3 hard miles for practice for the 5K on Saturday. Tired legs and hills just didn't make that work.

W: 7 m pace - Another scenic hilly run in the morning, did the 1.5 mile walk breaks again to stay consistent with my marathon plan

T: 4 m run - Kim kicked my but doing a HIT workout with 2 miles of running involved, thank god for the lake to jump in after this sweatfest. Oh yeah, this was done after drinking a mimosa in the morning :)

F: Rest - Packing and unpacking again, not really all that much rest. Also went for a quick swim at my cottage since I couldn't resist the peaceful water.

S: Seymour Bun Run 5K - completed in 28:14, just shy of a PR and disappointed I had to stop and walk twice. For a full recap click here. (Also the "Sweat your Thorns Off" Virtual Race held by The Boring Runner). As advertised, I did run my buns off!!

S: Cross - Completed about 3 hours of spraying & pulling weeds and mowing the lawn, definitely needed after being gone the last week. Wanted to get a bike ride in but ran out of daylight :(

Going to do some foam rolling until It hurts so good!

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