Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Officially MARRIED!!

It has taken me a few days to gather my thoughts about the big deal, and honestly everything worked out. I stayed at my mother-in-laws house the night before with 2 bridesmaids and Chris stayed back at our house with the mutt monster. Yes, we had a few hiccups but they were all eventually fixed.
  • I forgot to repierce my ears, realized it when I went to put them on & had to run back home to get my earring from my original piercing to do it. Really wish I wore them more often so I wouldn't have to do this at least once every few months.
  • The power outlet did not work at the ceremony so there was going to be no music, thanks to my awesome man he rigged up some system with batteries to get the laptop and speakers to work.
  • Chris ran out of room in his car so my uncle had to go and pick up our dog who would be the ring bearer.
  • Forgot the rings at home so my aunt had to go run back and get them.
Other than those things the day went surprisingly well. I woke up around 7am to get in a quick 3 mile run with my cousin, one of my bridesmaids. It felt great to stretch out my legs since my legs were really tight and I did not pack my foam roller to work out the muscles. A quick shower and the hair/makeup ladies arrived to get started. I was really relaxed during this time and ate a fabulous breakfast of a little cinammon roll and quiche, I know it was a lovely combination. Once I got dressed I was excited to see it all pulled together. I was definitely blinging!

Once we got to the park, things got hectic and we ran into the bulk of our issues. So I was stressing a little bit and hoping things would work. The weather ended up being perfect being mostly sunny with some clouds, had a few rain showers mid-afternoon but cleared up before the ceremony.

We decided to do a "first look" so we could see each other before the ceremony and get rid of any jitters we had. I almost cried at that point but held it back cause I didn't want to screw up the makeup. I shocked my man with my beauty since he usually sees me in my running gear with my hair in a ponytail and no makeup on. One of the benefits of working at home.

I did manage to make it through the whole day without crying and was just happy for the day to finally be here.

I got a little cranky at one point as I was over taking pictures and wanted to drink a beer and get some food. Who can blame me for that? The hall screwed up and served us the wrong beer for about an hour until I went up to get one and figured out they had Miller Lite instead of Miller High Life on tap so we got some free beer at least. The food and cake was delicious!! I had a blast dancing and enjoying the reception. We made our way over to the bar connected to the hall at midnight since it was the Best Man's birthday at that point and proceeded to close down the bar. It was a long day but I enjoyed almost every minute of it!

I had so many people compliment me on the dress that it fit me just perfectly and that they didn't even recognize me. One of my friends from work who I hadn't seen in awhile almost walked out as they thought they were at the wrong wedding until they saw Chris and recognized him, whom they only met once!!

I am loving married life as I am so relaxed and just enjoying our relationship again. It honestly feels like when we first started dating. We are getting along so well and I'm looking forward to sharing our lives forever. Here are some of my favorite pics from the day.

First Kiss

Chris & Marissa (my mini me)

Our wedding party, minus the flower girl

The girls - Marissa was a ham the minute they told her to start posing, which is why we are all laughing

The guys

Entrance to the Hall

First Dance

Father - Daughter Dance


  1. What a beautiful wedding! No wonder nobody recognized you. You clean up very well- a stunning bride !! :)

    Love the colors. Very cheery.
    Enjoy the rest of your lives together!

  2. Congrats on gettting married! You look so beautiful and sounds like you had a great day. So happy for you. Funny about people not recognizing you. Ponytails are so much easier though!

  3. Chris' face is priceless in the first look! Love that one! They all look great and you look soooooooooo happy!!! :) Thanks for sharing the day with us!!!!

  4. Congratulations - and you look stunning in these photos!


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