Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Starting a New Streak

After having 3 lackluster weeks of working out I am determined to get back on track!! I've been struggling with my motivation since I've had no races on my calendar and I was feeling burned out. Thankfully I have found both my motivation and determination!!

The plan is to try and make it easy on myself by not having specific items on my calendar. So here is my seriously, well thought out plan.....
  • 3 days of at least 2 different kinds of cardio each day(running, biking or swimming)
  • 3 days of strength (consisting of 1 of my Jillian Michaels DVD's)
  • 1 rest day
I know, it took me a while to come up with that plan! I did put some thought into it since I have the goal of completing an Olympic Distance triathlon in 2013 and this was similar to what my plan looked like last year. So I'm just not throwing anything down on a specific day and going to do what I feel like. I think this will help me from feeling burned out sinceI have a choice in what I get to do each day and what will work with my schedule. I have 3 different Jillian DVD's so I can switch it up on my strength days too. I love that fact that I don't even have this written down anywhere, well until now, it's just all in my head.

On a good note, I tested out my foot last night but doing a little treadmill run but not overly pushing it. I did a warmup walk of a 1/4 mile and then another in between 1/2 mile running segments at 6 on the treadmill. I could tell my endurance was down but I did feel like I would start to find the groove right about the time I would have to stop to walk. So far I've had no pain in the foot after running for small periods of time on Saturday and Monday! I'm excited to know that the swelling in my peroneal tendon is gone and I can gradually build up a base again.

Do you prefer a detailed training plan or a very flexible plan?
I'm usually better with very detailed plans but so far I'm liking this and I've gotten in workouts the last 3 days and will be doing a Jillian DVD after dinner settles in tonight.

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  1. So glad you're back at it - you'll be so ready to race in the spring!


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