Sunday, November 4, 2012

Epic Spectating & Finding my Mojo

Saturday I packed up and headed to pickup Sarah and we then ventured south for the Tyranena Beer Run. I unfortunately would not be running due to my lovely inflammed tendon but I was excited to meet more awesome runners and fellow bloggers and for some epic spectating. We met up with most of the "Panty Raiders" and I was happy they made it easy on me for spectating as I only really had to remember 1 outfit!! These ladies are awesome and were a pleasure to hang out with after the race enjoying Tyranena Beers and some delish lasagna. After the race most of us headed over to Rachel's who graciously hosted us ladies and drank & ate some more!
Lisa, Amy Zem, Falon, Kimba, Rachel, Kim, Linda, Amy Zyn, Amy G

I would highly recommend this race!! They have a 1/4 barrel (13.1 mile) and 1/6 barrel(4.73 miles I think?) routes and they are completely different so you are not running into each other since the shorter race starts an hour after the half.

I made sure on Friday night to come up with a sign and my requirement was to somehow work "beer" into the sign since it was a beer run, I was planning on doing "Pain Now...Beer Later" but my sign making skills need some help and I didn't leave myself enough room after "pain". I screwed up on the first freakin word, but I think this actually ended up being better.
What do you think of my sign?

My husband told me it was lame and doesn't get the whole "race sign" thing. But he is not a runner so I don't think he ever will get it! I made several runners smile, laugh, tell me they love me and "you got that right" so I consider this sign a success and in need of being saved for later use. I had a spectator take a picture of me with my sign at 6 miles and I was right before the last turn of the finish and a few runners seeked me out to take a picture of me with the sign afterwards as well. I was even recognized walking around in the tent afterwards without the sign so I think I helped people through the race at some point!

I just love that feeling and seeing people achieve their goals and have success just gave me the motivation I was needing. I have had a very difficult time getting myself to workout since the marathon I was feeling a little burned out on running and then having to take care of my left foot. I'm also not signed up for any races until this is fixed. Needless to stay I've been getting in workouts few and far between and I have a renewed sense of energy now!

I kicked butt in my Jillian Michaels DVD this afternoon and I'm feeling great. A week ago I was basically dying 10 minutes into the workout so I'm feeling encouraged by my progress in strength and wanting to push forward in all areas now.

I am going to test out the foot since I did some running yesterday during my spectating getting from point to point and I am feeling no pain at all. I am going to do a treadmill run tomorrow using a run/walk ratio and will kill it at any point I feel any twinge in my foot. Here's hoping to some sucecss!!

Would you rather run or spectate?

How do you re-focus?

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  1. It was soooo great to finally meet you! I thought your sign was flippin sweet and your spectating enthusiasm was much appreciated. Can't wait to do another race/meet-up again soon! That foot needs to heal up stat!


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