Monday, October 1, 2012

Marathon Training Recap - Week 11 & Sept. Recap

All I have to say about last week.....SORE & TIRED!!!

That 20 miler really took alot out of me and I didn't even attempt to run until Wed, all 3 miles just plain hurt! The 6 miles kinda hurt and the 12 miler was really difficult mentally, just not feeling it Sunday. Thankfully it was my first Taper week so I didn't really feel too bad, BUT I did modify the crap out of last week!! I can at least say I got in all except 1 scheduled mile and I threw in a little swim, which I really missed :)

9/24/2012CoreRestStrength3 m + 400 yd Swim6 m PaceCross12

My goals for this week
  • Enjoy taper
  • Swim at least 800 yards
  • Get a bike ride in on the road bike
  • Mixup my runs this week & have fun!
I have noticed one thing missing in my Marathon Training Plan.....
I don't have one for Post Race!! Any advice out there??
*Note that I do have a Half Marathon 3 weeks after the Marathon

September Recap
Miles Ran: 113 (compared to 80 in Aug)
AND....that was all I really did other than a few strength workouts
** I didn't get any cross training workouts, definitely need improvement here!!

September Races
9/1 - Justiceworks Just Run Half Marathon
9/23 - Fox Cities Half Marathon (New PR Baby!!)


  1. Enjoy the taper, enjoy the marathon and post race take it easy! Don't try to run again too soon take the whole week off and start in again SLOW!

  2. I didn't follow a post-race plan, but RLRF has plans for racing a half or full X number of weeks after a marathon that you might find helpful.


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