Monday, October 8, 2012

Marathon Training Recap - Week 12

So, I did pretty good last week but I can't 100% prove it. My laptop crashed and I don't have any of my files right now.Which means my marathon training plan is gone so I'm going from memory. I shipped my laptop to our office and I have to deal without it until Wednesday morning, at least they were able to recover my files....WHEW!

Monday: 4 mile run - ended up getting in a quick 3.2 miles
Tuesday: Strength - JM 30 Day Shred Week 1 completed even though it was around 10pm
Wednesday: 5 mile run - 5.5 mile trail run with Kim & Matt (except the 0.5 mile he skipped out on)
Thursday: Core & Swim - Skipped since my body was really dragging and felt I needed the extra rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 8 mile run - Completed on a crushed gravel trail to mimic next week's marathon surface, felt amazing and finished in the right amount of time so I just missed being stopped by the train!! Felt great and kept a 10:20 overall pace without having to stop :)
Sunday: Cross Train - Did 20 minutes on the elliptical and completed a 700 yd swim ladder workout. Wanted to do bike instead of elliptical but forgot my headphones...phoey!

I completed my goals from last week with the exception of the bike ride, that will just have to wait until after the marathon when I probably won't feel like running. And technically I only did 700 yards swimming instead of 800 but the gym was closing and I had to get out of there. If I wouldn't of had to wait 5 minutes for a lane would have been just fine though!

At this point the marathon is only 6 days away and I cannot wait for Friday to get here. I only have to work a half day and then Sarah and I are off to the expo and pasta dinner! I'm happy the marathon is Saturday morning so we don't have another whole day to sit and stress about it. We will just have to hobble around on Saturday if we want to emerge from our hotel room.

I think I'm going to end up packing half my running wardrobe as I'm still up in the air to what I will wear and I want compression stuff to wear after the marathon. I have to remember to pack "real" clothes!!

I'm starting a list of miscellaneous items to pack, let me know if there was anything you wished you had before or after your marathon?


  1. Yes! Pack at least ONE of everything so you have plenty of different weather options. All I want to do post marathon is take off my shoes and put on compression socks and/or sandals. So, I am always sure to bring those. Also if you're doing sweat check, check a heavier hoodie or coat in case you freeze when you're done. The mylar blankets really help hold in the heat too!

  2. I always pack like 3 different outfits because I am never sure which I will want to wear. Then throw in a billion different gel flavors and 2 different sparkly headbands...i just need options. haha! i always take my body glide with me because i am scared to ever be without it. not during the race but sometimes to the race start even and then i check it in my stuff. i agree with what falon said about the extra clothes at the finish. that saved me on sunday! you will do wonderfully dear friend!!! cant wait to hear how you dominate! good luck!

  3. Chapstick! and gloves. If you plan on throwing yours away, have a second pair for after the race!


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