Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lessons of Running

Some days I really feel like a runner and can't wait to get out on my run and see what the adventure brings. And other days I can't seem to drag myself out of bed or off the couch to go for a run. Lately the later has began to rule my brain. I think it wants to be in taper mode but that is still about a week and a half away yet so it can just SHUT UP right now!

I have been doing some reflecting back on my runs to find out what works and what hasn't or see if I can figure out what I can do to help make Marathon Day go smoothly. Long distance running really forces you to get to know all parts of your body more than ever. There is a fine line between drinking and eating to much and not enough. So here are some random things I have learned not to do, or probably wasn't the best thing to do at the time.
  • Go to a buffet the evening after doing your long run after only eating one small meal shortly after your run. You will end up in a food coma!
  • When your toenail looks like it will fall off, trim it back as it may just be a blister underneath your toenail that will need to be popped. (don't you love watching the ooze come out of those!)
  • Plan only enough time to get your run in with the scenario of "if everything goes well"
  • Put your phone in your bra for a long run and expect all your sweat will not effect the screen
  • Wear an old pair of socks that you hate only because they are the last clean pair. They will cause major blisters and discomfort for the next week or so of running!
  • Expect your feet to look normal. My feet will never look nice again due to my "square" feet and getting blisters from every run. Seriously, even on 3 milers.
  • Plan bathroom and water stops along all routes, you never know when that gu you just tried will not agree with you.
  • Do a really hard strength day and expect you will be able to run normally the following 2 days. Thanks Jillian Michaels!
I have been thinking of trying an ice bath after my 20 miler to see if that will help the recovery process at all. Do they work for you? Any tips on how to do it correctly?

I have found that my body really likes compression gear. I tried out compression socks for the first time on my 18 miler this weekend and for the first time ever my feet did not have blisters. After that I proceeded to put on these little shorty compression shorts under my pants during our day at Bay Beach (which is basically a kid amusement park) since I was going to be on my feet all day and my hips were hurting. Never thought about them once after that as they felt great!!

I am trying to figure out my marathon outfit but it makes it difficult that it is 4 hours north of where I live and have no clue what the average temperature will be like. That will end up being decided maybe a week before but I have ideas in my head. I bought my race days shoes and will slowly be breaking them in on some shorter runs. Same as my normal but just in bright purple. Thinking it may be the shirt that I had on in this picture, but have a feeling it may be a long sleeve kinda day as the temps may only hit the 50s.

Ok, time to get some sleep to see if I can rouse myself out of bed for 8 miles tomorrow morning instead of having to fit it between work and the packer game tomorrow night. At least the weather looks to be cooler :)


  1. I CONSISTANTLY under estimate how much time every run will take. Remember that one time, 6 months ago, on a perfect day, when i ran 9 minute miles? I now plan on it for every single run, and it has never happened again. I finish every run either cutting it short, or being late for whatever i planned after. Some things i will never learn... :D

    I will be truly happy when it is chilly enough to wear compression socks for long runs. Any day now....

    1. I feel the same way about compression socks. We are almost there! I could have probably gotten away with them on Saturday when I ran with Lish though. It was pretty chilly until the last hour or so of our run. I also am terrible at guessing how long a run will take me.

  2. Pack everything!!!!! I mean everything! you can leave it all behind in the car, or stuff it in a bag, but you will be prepared and ready to roll :)

    I do icebaths with a 20 miler. I like to freeze water in a few yogurt containers, or a milk jug and use those in the water and just get in with a down coat on. and hot coffee. :) No adjusting or I chicken out!

  3. Yes, pack lots of temp options. If it were 50, I would still wear short sleeves or sleeveless. Running is just so darn hot! We just got an ice maker (hallelujah), so I just dump the whole thing into the tub of water after a long run.


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