Sunday, September 16, 2012

Long Run Success!!

So this weekend I had 20 on my schedule, after a lot of debate I decided I would go for the 19 that was originally there. I had moved my 20 up a week because next weekend I am doing the Fox Cities Half Marathon. I wasn't really feeling like doing 7 before the race and I wanted to get a new half marathon PR this year, and that won't be happening at the Tyranena Half since it's only 3 weeks after my First Marathon (yes, may not be the smartest to run that far so soon after).

I ended up doing a half on 9/1/12 in which I totally smashed my PR so I am no longer feeling the need to really "race" this one. The start and finish are in two different places for this and the finish is only a few blocks from my running buddy's house. We are both doing 20 miles and we can run from her house to the start and get 7 miles in so it makes the logistics easier. Especially since after we finish we have a few full marathoners to cheer on.

Since I knew it would be my last long run in my usual places I wanted to document it. I ended up with 19.5 miles so it makes me feel really confident that 20 is doable!!

Here is a little journey through some of the places that I get to run by each weekend, and some I also do on my weekly runs.

A little chilly at the start so began with longsleeves. First in a long time!!

Sun just coming up at the start, this is an old railroad track turned into a trail. Ran this 4 times and began getting comments/looks from the people fishing off the decks.

Actually from another day, but this park loop I run at least once a week. Also the last mile of the Fox Cities Full and Half Marathon I will be doing next weekend.

Hard to see my baby cow is feeding from momma. Somedays the smell of running this is not my favorite part!

Hot & sweaty and glad to be done!! Only a little soreness :)

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  1. Congrats on your long run! Its always such a relief after! And, i would like to point out that my half marathon PR occurred exactly 3 weeks post marathon. Just sayin.... :D


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