Monday, September 10, 2012

Marathon Trainng Recap - Week 8

So this week started off good, and just slowly crumbled into pieces. I went into the week with the intention to get in all my workouts and then I got hit with a nice little cold that I am still dealing with. I was sleeping for 12 hours some nights and still felt tired and could barely peel my eyes open in the morning, so my mid-week runs got skipped.

9/3/2012Strength48 m pace4Rest18.5Cross

I was determined to rest up a little so I could tackle the 18 miles sitting on the schedule for Saturday, which I would thankfully be running wth Sarah. The plan was to run 5 miles and meet up with the Fleet Feet Fun Run peeps at 7:30 and run with them for about 7-8 miles. We would loop back again to our cars and set out for the final miles.

We changed plans mid-run as we were both struggling at times and decided we were going to do a straight out and back on the second part so we had to get in the full miles. We felt like we may talk ourselves out of it if we got back to our cars and had 4 miles left. A little miscalculation put our total mileage at 18.5 but at least the last 0.5 was downhill :)

I am still batlling this cold so I am hoping I can manage to get my planned mileage in this week and I'm trying for 20 on Saturday. If it doesn't work I will be running 7 before the Half Marathon planned the following Sunday. Or I may just end up running 20 both weekends depending on how it goes. I think I may try the plan again from this week only I will loop back as it's nice to have the water refill and potty break if needed at the park shelter.

On a side note, the IT band on my left knee has not bothered me know for about 2 weeks.

BUT now my right IT band is the problem. I couldn't find my brace and had to do the 18.5 miles without it so I'm feeling it yet today.

Hoping to get 2 new ones so I have one for each in case that ever becomes necessary. Most of the marathon is on a crushed limestone trail and definitely felt it as we did about 8 miles on a crushed gravel trail. My ankle was also bothering me during that and all my pains have shifted to the right side. I will need to try to focus on that side and keep my other side kosher at the same time.


  1. I might be able to run my scheduled 14 with you this weekend (Saturday Morning). You can pick me up after you've done 6 if you do end up doing the full 20 if you want. My schedule may be changing at work so then I will just have to find a sitter. I will keep you updated!!

  2. I hope you start feeling better soon and your IT band too! Injuries suck.

  3. glad you and Sarah were able to conquer that LR together!!! hope the IT starts feeling better!


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