Monday, September 24, 2012

Marathon Training Recap - Week 10

It's another Monday and time to review how well I did this past week. Let's just say I really wanted to get everything in since this would be my last high mileage week. I was off to a good start, and then I get hit by a cold & my period. Gotta love being a woman!! I felt like I got slammed with a truck and was miserable Wednesday & Thursday and explains why I ended up missing my workouts.

I actually had to travel for work on Friday to Madison,WI to meet the new President and made it out to lunch with some of my fellow co-workers. Then I went to the expo for the Fox Cities Marathon and picked up my packet and some new running gear on sale, which I can't resist!! Oh yeah, I did end up walking around for about an hour trying to find my dog Friday night so I probably got in the miles I missed....that was an adventure!!

3 Trail8 m paceStrength4RestRest7 + Fox Cities Half Marathon

Overall: I ran 31 miles this past week which is the most I have ever done. I am still injury free and really excited to hit taper! I'm looking forward to resting up my legs and improving my strength to make the feat of completing the marathon an easier task.

It was really hard watching the marathoners finish on Sunday as I did wish that was me out there. Part of me wants to have the experience over with as it is going to be a physical and mental challenge. Sarah and I were joking about some of the horror stories that may end up playing through our heads, which I will share eventually as more will be added to the collection.

I did throw my half marathon time into the McMillan calculator yesterday. Doesn't everybody do this right after a race?? It says that I should be able to do a 4:31 marathon although I'm not really buying that. My 5K time is just about right on with it based on my half time, but if I feel good & everything falls in place maybe it can happen!

I am still feeling the soreness of my 20-miler and will have a recap coming soon of the Half Marthon and my 7 miles prior to it. It was a very long day but definitely worth it.


  1. you had a fantastic week of running!!! i can never resist running stuff on sale:) im so excited for your marathon! dont even stress about the horror stories or all are going to do great!!!

  2. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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  3. That Mcmillan is a dirty liar!!!!! I mean, congrats on your 20-miler, and a high mileage week! :) Enjoy the taper!


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